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PlusNet announces pause in LLU migration process

It was only a few weeks ago that PlusNet announced putting on hold regrades for existing customers onto the IPStream Max products, the company has now announced that is to place no further orders to move customers onto its LLU platform for the time being. Details can be read over on PlusNet Usergroup or at PlusNet Service Status.

PlusNet to date has moved 16,000 customers onto the LLU service since starting in April 2006, with a further 4,000 orders still progressing over to the Tiscali LLU wholesale platform. This pause is down to a number of difficulties during the transfer of customers to the new service. No single source for the problem are apparent, with Plusnet admitting making some mistakes in addition to mistakes at the Tiscali/BT level.

For those affected by the move to LLU and have had no broadband service as a result, PlusNet is to start a system whereby those who have had more than 7 days downtime as a result of the migration will be credited once the fault has been resolved. Also the provider is now offering a free dial-up service for those customers having a broadband connectivity problem.

Hopefully this pause in migrations will allow PlusNet to improve its customer support services. We can see an increasing number of complaints about how slow or just plain difficult it is to contact a person at PlusNet. In one email a customer had spend a total of six hours on the telephone trying to reach someone. PlusNet in an effort to offer the best value service possible has added a degree of automation to its telephone support, which it appears some customers are having problems with. Additionally the companies normal support system of raising tickets online appears to be running slower than normal.

Every service provider goes through growing pains, the question for the customers is how long does it take for things to improve. Putting on hold processes that generate more fault reports than normal is one step, but if this were to last for too long, PlusNet may find its customers tempted by what can look like better deals elsewhere.


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