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Eclipse extends SDSL offers

Eclipse Internet has sent out a press release pointing out that it is extending its current offers on SDSL until further notice. This means you get free set-up (worth £315) and a free SDSL router (worth £129). The providers SDSL packages are listed below:


Service Speed

Monthly fee

SDSL 500 0.5Mbps £125
SDSL 1000 1Mbps £190
SDSL 2000 2Mbps £225
Prices exclude VAT

Some may think that the release of Max Premium with its upstream of up to 832Kbps will have negated the lower speed SDSL products, but for business use the rate adaptive nature of Max products means it will generally be less stable than an SDSL line. Another factor is that the SDSL products are sold generally with a better contention ratio than other products, these Eclipse products offer a maximum contention of 10:1. One reason why SDSL products in the UK normally carry a high set-up fee, is the the copper pair is a dedicated pair, meaning no PSTN line rental is paid, and also at the time of the install some effort is usually made to ensure as short a line as possible.


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