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Netservices statement on E7Even Limited

E7Even users are scrabbling around for information, and Netservices has published a statement that outlines its position. The full statement can be read here. We covered the original walled garden issue on Monday 3rd July.

The E7Even customers who had a service provisioned using the wholesale services from Netservices are now being told to contact the provider and in particular to read the providers FAQ. The two choices for existing E7even users, is to sign up with EzeeDSL or wait until July 14th when the ADSL service on the line will be ceased.

The E7even section of our forums shows a lot of unhappy customers are trying to contact Ofcom and are desperate to try and obtain a migration authorisation code (MAC) to allow them to go to a provider of their own choice. One problem is that currently there is no obligation for any provider to supply a MAC, and there are no pre-defined procedures for what should happen in situations like this. The situation with E7Even is more complex than some previous situations like this, due to the use of multiple wholesale providers.


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