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Plusnet hands Max upgrade control back to users

Plusnet has announced a change to how it is handling upgrades for its customers onto the up to 8Mbps products. Plusnet is offering full rate ADSL via one of two methods, LLU via Tiscali Wholesale and BT IPstream Max, this news item covers changes to upgrades onto the BT IPstream Max product. The change is that rather than the upgrade happening automatically, people will now have to explicitly choose to take the upgrade.

So why the change? James Bailey from Plusnet has posted onto our forums with some of the details, see this post. In what seems to be an attempt to reduce what has been a growing problem for Plusnet in terms of the length of support queues, Plusnet is putting its automatic upgrade programme on hold for two months, and only those who already joined the priority queue or subsequently opt-in for the upgrade will be upgraded. Upgrades to the up to 8Mbps products while working well for a lot of people, do appear to generate more support enquires for providers, very often due to the switch from what is generally an ultra stable fixed rate lines to a rate adaptive line that can be much more variable in its reliability.

Plusnet are not able to offer any firm timelines for those that do now opt-in for the Max upgrade, but is giving a rough three to four week time window for when the upgrade should happen. Hopefully with a slow down in upgrades Plusnet support staff will be able to give those with problems a service more in line with what customers were used to in the past.

The vast majority of issues to do with upgrades to the Max products are common across the various service providers, and we plan on running through these in a few more news items.


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