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Another queue to join in the UK

The Talk Talk calls/broadband package seems to have been a victim of its own popularity. Reports over the weekend are suggesting that the level of demand has meant that many will not be connected until August, when Carphone Warehouse had originally planned a July launch. The Independent website has some more on the issue.

Originally we had the impression that Carphone Warehouse would be connecting consumers using a standard IPstream based service until such time as the full unbundled service was available, but it seems the company is wanting to put people onto the full service. This raises one concern with the contract, which is that the 18 month contract starts once the telephone part of the service is active, so you may be tied into the contract before the broadband service is up and running if your telephone service is being handled by TalkTalk already. In cases where the broadband is only a week or two behind then that is of little problem, but if consumers end up waiting for a month or two, they may find other offers more appealling, but are not stuck with a lengthy contract. Another problem maybe where a consumer has already given their notice to leave another provider, but if TalkTalk hit delays, people may end up without service for a few days, or possibly weeks.

To some extent delays were inevitable when you look at the the amount of press coverage the offer generated, particularly in the non-broadband press. Once the number of consumers on the service increases it will be interesting to see what happens, in the past providers seeing massive blips in demand are often caught out by not having enough spare bandwidth capacity, or support staff.

An update from TalkTalk is expected to be made to The City on June 6th. The City are the people providing the backing for many of the LLU operators and if anyone of the roll-outs stalls then investors might lose some of the confidence that is seeing lots of money being poured into attempts to grab some market share away from the big telco's like BT and NTL.


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