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Plusnet enlarges product range

From July 2006, Plusnet will be offering a combined line rental/calls and broadband package. The bundle is based around the BT wholesale line rental service, and standard BT IPstream products, which means that the service will be available at all of the full ADSL build BT exchanges.

The line rental component comes in two flavours, PlusTalk Anytime at £11 a month with 240 minutes of inclusive UK landline calls, or PlusTalk Anytime+ for £15 a month, which includes calls to UK landlines and 20 international destinations. This price includes the line rental, so no BT bills once on this service, which has a 1 month rolling contract, with a £20 admin fee payable when you end the contract.

The ADSL product is Broadband Basic and is priced at £9.99 per month, and is a Pay As You Go type service. The maximum line speed will be 8Mbps, with the actual speed determined by what your specific line will manage, and then the usual Internet variations due to the shared nature of the medium. 50MB (MegaBytes) of usage is bundled, with further usage charged at 0.224pence per MB (1000MB = £2.24). The ADSL service is available as a standalone product from 31st May 2006, with a 1 month contract. Migration onto the service costs £14.99 or £47 if it is a new connection, an option to spread this cost over ar 12 months period is available.

There is no price or usage cap placed on the service, you use it you pay for it above the basic 50MB. It is possible for the customer to set their own budget limit for the month, thus avoiding surprise bills. To find out more visit the Plusnet website.

Update 26th April 10:30am: Slight reword regarding the activation fee. On original news item we implied the activation was deferrable and if you stayed for 12 months it was free. The word defer on the Plusnet site in relation to Broadband Basic means that you actually can spread the activation fee over a 12 month period.


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