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Evolution of products at Eclipse

Eclipse is one of the latest providers to embrace the up to 8Mbps line speed products available now. Two new ranges of products replace the previous ranges, a fixed price package, and a service with inclusive usage bundles and top-ups. All the products are now available as an up to 8Mbps line speed, with the performance of your individual line governing what actual maximum throughput is possible.

The Evolution Broadband packages comes in four flavours, with the options determining what sort of fair usage limits you get, and the sort of priority your traffic will get at peak times. The fair use policy which only applies to the Evolution products can be read here. It looks like only the major traffic groups like P2P, FTP and USENET (newsgroups) will be targetted under the policy limit. It is also worth noting that only usage in the peak hours of 6pm to midnight counts toward the limit.


Monthly fee

Fair usage amount

Performance level

Evolution Option 1 £14.99 20GB Classic
Evolution Option 2 £18.99 30GB Classic Plus
Evolution Option 3 £24.99 40GB Premium
Evolution Option 4 £29.99 50GB Premium Plus

The Home Broadband range is a bit simpler to understand, and includes a usage allowance bundle, with usage above the bundled amount charged at £1.75 per GigaByte.


Monthly fee

Bundled usage

Home Broadband Option 1 £14.99 2GB
Home Broadband Option 2 £18.99 10GB
Home Broadband Option 3 £24.99 20GB
Home Broadband Option 4 £29.99 40GB

Both ranges include free migration and free activation, plus the addition of free ADSL hardware. On the Option 4, the ADSL hardware is actually a wireless modem/router. To qualify for the free options you need to sign up for a twelve month contract.


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