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Busy time at Pipex

Pipex is moving forward in the broadband arena on several fronts. The company has announced a deal with Intel to bring WiMAX services to parts of the UK, and the company is moving forward with its LLU plans.

The wireless venture is backed by a $25 million investment by Intel Capital (the venture capital investment arm of Intel) and Pipex Communications PLC. The two companies have now formed a company called Pipex Wireless who will operate wireless broadband services in major metropolitan areas.

The license to operate in the 3.6GHz spectrum has been given to the new Pipex Wireless venture, so hopefully soon we will see products and trials starting to take shape. The services that will be delivered are said to be unique and complimentary to the existing Pipex DSL services. For those wanting more on this pay a visit to

Moving back down to earth, the fixed line broadband side of Pipex is moving ahead with its unbundling plans, and is now in a position to start migrating customers over onto its LLU based network. The Register does raise concerns that have serviced when other providers have started similar exercises. This is that the fault rate is higher than consumers have got used to with IPStream based services. Whether this will hit Pipex customers as it has down with Wanadoo only time will tell - the LLU circus is now a bit older and both BT and provider staff are on a very sharp learning curve.

Other snippets from Pipex is that the number of broadband customers hit 283,000, a rise of 47% in the last year, with the average revenue per customer dropping £2 down to £23 per month.


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