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Users from early ADSL trials hit problems

The Register are reporting that a number of early ADSL triallists have had their service ceased as part of an upgrade by BT Wholesale to move them onto an 'enhanced network'. It seems BT migrated 20,000 end-users onto this 'enhanced network' on Monday 23rd January 2006, but around 100 people are still with no service on their line.

Back in 2000 there was two main flavours of ADSL under trial (QAM modulation versus DMT modulation), and it is possible that this is BT tidying up the remaining few users still on trial hardware, either hardware in the home, or old trial DSLAM's in the exchanges. It is not totally clear what is happening, and it appears that Demon for one were not aware of the changes to the service. Generally if BT Wholesale thinks an upgrade will not affect an end-users service they do not contact service providers.

Hopefully BT Wholesale will be able to get people connected to an ADSL service faster than the normally quoted five days. Though the speed at which the 100 will be reconnected will very much depend on the workload in the various exchanges involved.


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