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Update on Freedom2Surf issues

Further to last weeks news item where we first highlighted the problems some Freedom2Surf customers are experiencing, a new update has been released by Freedom2Surf on the issues.

"Since our last update we have made further progress in improving the operation of the effected parts of the F2S network, however we are aware of a couple of areas which are not performing to the usual high standards:

  1. A number of our 8 mb/s service customers who are being delivered via a third party network are experiencing some packet loss. This issue has been escalated and we are continuing to investigate the issue. In order not to exacerbate the problem, until we see a satisfactory resolution to the issues that we have identified, we will not be accepting any further 8mb/s orders that would be routed via this supplier.
  2. Some users are experiencing differing speed test results dependent upon the route they take out of our network, we are currently collating a list of the effected destinations and will escalate this with our connectivity partners.
We have identified a handful of customers who are using the network in a manner which is detrimentally affecting the experience of our other customers. We will be contacting these individuals shortly to request that they bring their usage patterns within normal limits.

F2S understands that some of our customers are experiencing a level of service that is below our usual high standards, I can only apologise and assure you that every effort is being made to resolve all outstanding issues ASAP. "

Status update from Freedom2Surf

For LLU users, who have been the most vocal group of Freedom2Surf users in the last week, the acknowledgment of the packet loss problems is welcome. The move to not accept any further orders onto the affected up to 8Mbps service is a good move. By not taking new orders, it should allow the ISP and its suppliers to focus on the problem, rather than an issue that is getting worse as more customers are added. To see what Freedom2Surf customers are saying about the statement, and current service visit our forum section here. We hope that in the next week or two we will see users reporting improvements in their service, certainly we will keep an eye out and report back as necessary.

For those Freedom2Surf customers worried about comments about usage limits, a member of Freedom2Surf staff has outlined the sort of usage levels there are talking about, and this can be seen over on the unofficial Freedom2Surf support forums. In short it seems that those users consistently using over 100GB per month for a period of months are those likely to be contacted.


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