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E7Even users experience problems with service

Customers of the service provider E7Even are having a mixed bag of results. While it is entirely possible that the number of customers having problems is only 20% of their user base, we have seen a large increase in the number of posts from people who are having problems. It would seem that a fair number of people have also complained to Ofcom who have posted an 'advice note'. E7Even has acknowledged that it has been having a period of problems, and did send an e-mail to customers saying that those who want their MAC number so they can migrate will be provided with one. Additionally where people have paid for the service in advance they will receive a refund of any unused portion.

The main cause of the problems at E7Even appears to have being caused by a network restructuring exercise which has seen the login domain used altering for some users. In short this means that some customers will have needed to change the username they use to log onto the ADSL service. For some this restructuring has gone smoothly, but others are seeing problems such as those listed below:

  • Advised to change login, but new login does not work, while previous login does.
  • Login authenticates, but there is no data throughput.
  • No login authenticates since the restructuring, and some users are reporting that even [email protected]_domain has stopped working.
  • Able to login with new domain, but the throughput is lower than previously seen with the service.
  • Able to login, and connection works for a short period before session is dropped.
  • Login works intermittently, i.e. can take a few days of trying before being able to login.
  • Delays in the issuing of MAC (Migration Authorisation Code).
  • Email both incoming (POP3) and outgoing (SMTP) are slow or only working intermittently.
  • Network status page, not updating in a timely fashion to reflect actual service status.

E7Even has advised its customers to double check the details they are entering, in particular that the username is in the correct format. A statement was issued by E7Even last week on the matter, can be read on our forums here. We would also add that it is worth double checking your password by re-entering it, occasionally we do see people from a variety of ISP's where the password has been mangled by the operating system. Reading our forum it would seem clear, that the problem is more than people entering their login details incorrectly, especially for those where it works one day, and not another.

One common theme with other service providers, is that the queues for support be it over the telephone or via email are testing customers patience. A lot of the support contact, is very likely to be duplicates, since it is human nature if you receive no reply to contact again, unfortunately when an ISP is struggling with a workload this makes things harder. Though if people are waiting 15 days to receive a MAC as one poster is saying, then one can see that people will be frustrated.

If you are an E7Even customer reading this, and are having problems we suggest you head on over to our E7Even section. While no solutions are guaranteed, finding out what others are trying may at least offer something new to try. We will be staying in contact with E7Even over the coming weeks, both to try get to the bottom of the problems, so that those who want to stay can have a usable connection.


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