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Be lite launched

Be has now launched its Be Lite product for £14 a month. The product is aimed at those customers who perhaps do not use their connection a great deal, but want high speeds when they do. The Be service is based around ADSL2+ standard, which means downloads may be as high as 22Mbps.

The Be Lite product is bundled with a 1GB data allowance. This allowance is a combination of the upstream and downstream usage. As you exceed the 1GB allowance, extra allowance is billed automatically in blocks of 5GB, costing £5. The bill is then charged on a monthly basis in arrears. There is a £24 connection charge when setting up the service, but a free Speed Touch 716g wireless modem/router is supplied with the service.

While many PAYG products have the ability to exceed the cost of other products in a providers range, Be appear to have realised this and are planning to contact Be Lite users use may exceed £24 on a regular basis, to suggest a change of product to the Be Unlimited product.


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