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PlusNet plc acquires Metronet

PlusNet is joining the likes of Pipex in increasing its user base by acquiring Parbin Ltd, the company trading as Metronet for £1.7m in cash. Metronet has over 16,000 broadband customers

"The acquisition of Parbin gives us access to a business with a strong reputation and a growing broadband customer base. We plan to broaden product choice and enhance customer support including 24/7 coverage for Metronet's customers."

Lee Strafford (Chief Executive), PlusNet plc

Metronet has been one of the early adopters of usage charges for broadband connections, although their pricing has a cap which comes into effective at the maximum cost. According to PlusNet, the acquisition means that Metronet customers will have access new new services offered by the company including 24x7 support.


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