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Bad week for Eclipse

Eclipse Internet has been suffering this week with an issue affecting their ADSL platform. The problems began on Monday afternoon, and resulted in a service outage which affected a large number of customers. According to an e-mail sent to users, the problem began at 16:53 and the resulting consequential effects include congested mail servers, etc.

According to Eclipse, the problem was related to a software bug on their router platform. Once they identified the problem in conjunction with their vendor, the matter was addressed by upgrading the software running on the routers. Eclipse are keen to explain that they do test new versions on a test platform regularly but will only upgrade the production systems if there is a specific reason to do so, as new versions can introduce other unknown issues.

Eclipse engineers worked overnight on Monday night fixing the problems and have worked in conjunction with their network vendor support teams to address the issue and the software upgrade was completed by Tuesday morning. Although Eclipse had checked that no stale sessions should have existed, it transpired that there were still a number that needed to be reset. Eclipse addressed these with BT during Tuesday.

On Monday, Eclipse received 73,000 phone calls which compares to less than 2,000 on a normal day which obviously caused problems in communications between Eclipse and their customers. We have been told they are now addressing that with increased capacity in their phone system to provide better information to users. They will also start updating the service status page on their site regularly, not just when significant progress has been made, and include details of an expected time of resolution

We hope that Eclipse will continue to provide what is usually a very good service. Further details on any issues can be found on the service status page.


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