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PlusNet traffic shape/prioritisation update

At the end of August, PlusNet amended its terms and conditions (link) to add an 'idle timeout' feature which means that any users on affected products, namely Broadband Plus and Home Surf, will be disconnected from the Internet if they do not pass any traffic on their connection for 30 minutes.

This implementation was postponed until Tuesday last week when the new policy started taking effect. Whilst this may cause annoyance for a few users, most will probably not see any difference since the disconnection only applies when the Internet has not been used for some time. This will allow PlusNet to contend their central pipes more efficiently, which should (theoratically anyway) allow them to compete in the market with lower prices.

To PlusNet's credit, they have also implemented an 'opt-out' feature which will be welcomed by those users who need remote access to their home networks. The 'random disconnects' issue which delayed the launch of the idle timeouts has also been addressed.


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