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Do two things at once with Nildram

Nildram has launched two new broadband services which are bundled with their HomeTalk 500 telephone calls package. The two new services are Broadband 2gO 'lite' which offers an up to 2Mbps connection and a basic 0.25GB usage allowance for £13.99 per month, extra usage costs 99p per GigaByte. The other package is Broadband 500, £19.99 per month for a 0.5Mbps service with a 25GB fair use allowance.

HomeTalk 500 which is included in the two new packages, offers 500 minutes of free voice UK land line calls per month. An optional upgrade to HomeTalk 3000 is available for £4.99 which offers 3,000 minutes of free calls per month. The HomeTalk packages are a CPS based calls package, meaning your existing telephone service will have its calls routed via the Nildram package.

The full fat Broadband 2gO service, has had a small tweak with it now coming with a 2.5GB monthly usage allowance. The set-up fees are £47 on the 2gO range, and Broadband 500 has free set-up, though if you leave within the first 12 months, the £47 set-up fee becomes repayable.

The 25GB fair use allowance on Broadband 500 covers the usage you make during the hours of 8am to midnight every day of the week, once the allowance is exceeded your connection is speed limited to 64 kilo bits per second, but can be unlocked at a price of 99p per GB after that. One interesting aspect is that if you have spare allowance at the end of a month, it can be carried over into the next month.


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