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BT Retail increases usage allowances

BT Retail has changed its position on usage with its BT Broadband and BT Yahoo! ADSL products. New usage guidelines will come into effect from 15th October 2005, and charging for usage above the bundled allowance is to be dropped with immediate effect on the BT Broadband Basic product. The BT website contains more information and an FAQ on the changes.


Monthly fee

Old allowance

New allowance

BT Broadband Basic £17.99 1GB 2GB
BT Broadband £24.99 15GB 20GB
BT Yahoo! Broadband £26.99 15GB 20GB
BT Yahoo! Broadband £29.99 30GB 40GB

The increase in allowance will be welcome news for users. What is most significant is the changes to the usage policy, in that if you exceed your allowance rather than the service being restricted you are still allowed normal access, but if you regularly exceed the usage allowance each month, they may contact you about moving you to a more suitable tariff.


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