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BT in Openzone promotion

BT Openzone which offers a Wi-Fi based Internet access service across the UK is running a promotion for new subscribers. For the first three months of a subscription you can pay a monthly rate of £5 for 250 minutes service per month, or £15 for up to 4,000 minutes of service. The current tariff is £10 and £25 per month. The other expires on 30th November 2005, oddly we could not see the offer on, but more details can be seen at ZDNet UK.

The most interesting thing from the ZDNet article is that in a May 2005 survey of consumers, only 7 percent using Wi-Fi a home. It is not clear whether this is 7% of broadband users or 7% of the total population, in either case it seems low in comparison to the number of queries raised about Wi-Fi hardware in our forums, versus the number of queries about non-wireless hardware.


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