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Onyx Internet reduces SDSL pricing

Another week has gone by, and we are seeing more reductions in the price of SDSL services, this time from Onyx Internet. While SDSL is still far from consumer priced, at £150 per month for a 2Mbps service it will be proving very attractive to small businesses that require the faster upstream speeds.


Old monthly fee

New monthly fee

Business SDSL Silver (512Kbps) £215 £115
Business SDSL Gold (1Mbps) £310 £130
Business SDSL Platinum (2Mbps) £370 £150
Managed SDSL Broadband Silver (512Kbps) £240 £140
Managed SDSL Broadband Gold (1Mbps) £335 £155
Managed SDSL Broadband Platinum (2Mbps) £395 £175

The set-up fee on the basic business service remains fixed at £500, but the managed service has the set-up cost dropping from £800 to £600.


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