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Devolo adds dLAN Audio unit to its range

Devolo are best known for the dLAN networking kit, which creates an Ethernet network using the mains wiring inside a property. They have now expanded their range with the launch of the MicroLink dLAN Audio unit. This unit allows an audio signal to be sent between two of the audio units, or from a PC via the standard dLAN adapter to the audio unit. This means you can listen to Internet radio stations or MP3 files without the need for a computer in the room the speakers are. The data rate used to encode the audio is up to 192kbps.

Each dLAN Audio has a retail price of £119.99 (inc VAT), which is not cheap, but its ability to transfer music around a house in situations where Wi-Fi is either unreliable or just will not reach may make the price point more attractive.


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