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ADSL4Less reports 500% increase in migration orders has sent out a press release highlighting the fact that it has seen what appears to be a substantial increase in migration orders since joining the migration trial that BT Wholesale are running. ADSL4Less gives a figure of a 500% increase in the number of migration orders.

"We get over 50 customers a day from Tiscali who want to migrate to but Tiscali will not participate in the migration system and therefore we cannot help these customers which is very frustrating for us and for them." customer service manager

The migration trial that should hopefully bring an end to the misery of waiting a couple of weeks for one service to be ceased and another provided started 7th April 2005. The trial expands on the existing abilities to migrate between IPStream providers. The ability to switch service providers smoothly is a key component to a successful and competitive broadband market place.

We have communicated with Tiscali about the migration trials, and Tiscali have told us they will be implementing support for migrations as soon as possible once BT Wholesale finally launch migration between IPStream and Datastream products. This launch by BT Wholesale is expected in June 2005. Tiscali as a significant user of the Datastream products has been lobbying for the proposed migration products for some time.

There are calls for service providers to be forced to support migration. We hope that the providers will rapidly move to embrace the expanded processes avoiding any need for draconian measures by Ofcom.


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