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PlusNet product changes announced

PlusNet has now issued a press release summarising the changes to its product range. The key points are:

  • Broadband Plus, now available at up to 2Mbps for £14.99
  • Premier is £21.99 for up to 2Mbps
  • Premier 4Mbps to be priced at £29.99
  • Premier 8Mbps at £39.99
  • No set-up fee option

The full press release can be found on the PlusNet website here.

The no set-up fee or 'you stay, we pay' option is likely to attract many customers, as the activation fee of £58.75 can be a significant hurdle. As always with all broadband services do read the terms and conditions, the 'free' set-up is only actually free if you stay with PlusNet for five years. For consumers who leave within 12 months of joining the full fee must be repaid, and the amount to be repaid is reduced over a five year period. Details of this can be found on the PlusNet website, in three locations, one for each product range PAYG, Broadband Plus and Premier. PAYG is PlusNet's metered product where you pay per gigabyte. Broadband Plus offers a flat rate monthly fee, with some applications like peer to peer throttled. The Premier range offers a service with no specific usage limit, apart from clauses that will see PlusNet contacting customers who use the service in a manner that impacts on other users at peak times.

PlusNet has announced pricing for its 4Mbps and 8Mbps products. These faster than 2Mbps products have limited availability at this time, but will expand as and when the current BT Wholesale IPStream Home/Office Max trial expands. Additionally PlusNet are looking into a LLU partnership that may allow them to roll-out higher speed services in advance of the BT Wholesale product.

PlusNet has been emailing its consumers who are on the Premier product range, offering them the option of staying on the £29.99 and £39.99 price points in anticipation of the roll-out of the up to 4Mbps and up to 8Mbps services, or of reducing their monthly payments to £21.99. Users who remain on the higher price points should be automatically regraded onto higher speed services as they appear, whereas those who are on the £21.99 price point will need to pay a regrade fee (believed to be £14.99). Therefore it would seem prudent for most people to reduce their monthly payments to £21.99 and wait for the roll-out of higher speed services.

The timetable for higher speed services is very much in flux at present and is dependent on BT Wholesale increasing its trial footprint, with a possible product launch around Autumn 2005, or PlusNet announcing an entry into the LLU arena.

For PlusNet customers on the Premier range who wish to reduce their monthly fee to £21.99, they should visit, login and then choose New Query / Account Changes / Downgrade My Account and select the appropriate "I want to downgrade my account for free" option.


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