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News Article regarding PlusNet Fair Usage Policy

On the morning of Friday 22 April, we published a news article regarding PlusNet's Fair Usage Policy being replaced with a new system for managing their broadband platform. This was not based on a press release as no such release had been issued by PlusNet who was targeting its customers (via e-mails, its user group and forums) rather than 'the general market'.

We were contacted by Marco Potesta, PlusNet's Marketing Director who requested that we remove the article because "it is a biased, misinformed and unilateral opinion piece that is misleading to any reader." We made a decision to remove the article from our site temporarily whilst we looked into PlusNet's concerns. We had not consulted with PlusNet's marketing department prior to publishing this article and we have apologised to PlusNet for this as bearing in mind the content it would have been prudent to do so. We do however still believe the article raises valid questions as to PlusNet's changing terms of service, an issue that still needs to be addressed.

We requested PlusNet to detail their specific issues with this article and received a response on Friday afternoon which outlined ten phrases and/or sentences which they took issue with. We replied early on Sunday morning addressing those points individually in detail and asked further questions to clarify some points and requested they respond by Monday afternoon. We received a response from Mr Potesta stating that they would be unable to respond until Tuesday. We confirmed that we would be making a decision as to a public statement on the removal of the article on Monday as we were not prepared to allow rumours to develop regarding the nature of the removal and requested that these may be passed to another person within PlusNet who could address them on Monday. Mr Potesta confirmed that he would be dealing with this on Tuesday. We did however receive a response from Mr Potesta on Monday afternoon. A further exchange of e-mails took place on Wednesday. An updated news article on the original issue will be published shortly which we feel takes into account the points raised by PlusNet whilst expressing our concerns. We would like to make it clear that PlusNet have not approved the final text but have been asked to comment on an original draft. We believe we have made reasonable changes to issues raised by PlusNet.

The speculation as to the reasons we removed the article concern us. We would like to be as open as possible with our users and therefore in the interests of transparency, ADSLguide is more than happy to publish all unedited communications (except e-mail addresses and other contact details within) between PlusNet and ourselves on this issue in full if PlusNet agrees.


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