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BISCit launch two more 2Mbps packages

Hardly a day goes by recently, when some service provider is not launching a new 2Mbps package. Even most critics of the ADSL roll-outs in the UK, will consider service speeds of 2Mbps to be broadband.

BISCit is launching two packages, 2MB Home Connect which is a 2Mbps connection with a telephone calls package. The service is £24.99 a month and includes 1GB of usage allowance, this in itself does not look that cheap, but all local and national calls (of under 60 minute duration) are free. There is a qualifier to the word all, this only applies for the first 33 hours of calls. Calls to International numbers or mobiles are charged at the prevailing BISCit Telecoms tariff. (All prices include VAT)

For those not interested in the calls bundle, you can have a plain vanilla 2Mbps connection with 1GB allowance for £14.25. The set up fee for both packages is £58.75, users migrating to BISCit can migrate onto the service for free.


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