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PlusNet announce another broadband package

In what is already a market brimming with options, PlusNet are launching another set of ADSL packages on 4th April 2005, in the form of Broadband Plus. This product will range from £14.99 per month for a 0.5Mbps service through to £24.99 for a 2Mbps service, with 1Mbps costing £19.99 (all prices include VAT). Details of the new product will be published on the PlusNet website at a later date.

Broadband Plus can be so cheap by virtue that some high bandwidth activities will be speed limited during the peak hours, PlusNet cite P2P traffic as an example. The traffic shaping means that there is no download limits or fair usage levels on this product, though exactly which traffic is shaped, and how much of a drop will be seen during peak hours will probably not be apparent until a few thousand customers are on the service.

PlusNet now offer three ranges of products to consumers, Pay As You Go which is aimed at the very light users, Broadband Plus for those who do not want a specific usage limit but are willing to see higher speed variations and Broadband Premier which should provide more consistent speeds but has a fair usage policy to ensure a fair slice of the pie for all.

PlusNet seem confident that the BT Wholesale trials for ADSL running at upto 8Mbps will become a future product, since their website lists "Up to 8Mb TBC" for the Plus and Premier product ranges. While it seems likely that the 8Mbps service will roll-out in the Autumn of 2005, to promote it so early in the year is possibly raising expectations too much. 2005 is going to bring many changes, and predicting what will happen in six months time is very difficult.


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