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TotalWeb Solutions launch new packages

Many people think that ADSL for business use is expensive, but many service providers now offer packages for similar prices to the residential packages. These type of services are ideal for businesses who need fast Internet connectivity, but without all the bells and whistles that more expensive business ADSL packages can offer.

TotalWeb Solutions have launched some new products, which are all based on a contention ratio of 50:1, making them more affordable for the small business user.


Monthly fee

Business 250 Lite £14.99
Business 500 Lite £21
Business 1000 Lite £29.99
Business 2000 Lite £50.50
All prices exclude VAT

Many people will see the tag 'lite' and assume usage is restricted, in fact it is not, the tag is simply used to show it is a 50:1 product.


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