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PlusNet polls users on fair usage policy

PlusNet is carrying out a consultation phase with its customers over a fair usage policy for its broadband services (lite products are not included). To actually consult the customers, rather than just implement a set of limits blindly is fairly unusual. If you are a PlusNet ADSL customer and this is the first you have heard of this, then we would urge you to read their statement here and fill in the survey. We must emphasis that the policy is not in place yet, PlusNet are in the phase of gathering customer feedback.

To summarise the proposed policy it will be based around a fair usage level that is set for each type of product and measured across a whole month, and each time they exceed this amount a counter will increase. If during a month you do not exceed the amount one previous count is removed. Only if you trigger the counter on a third occasion will action be taken. By building in a reduction mechanism, it allows for the occasional busy month.

There are three actions possible if the level is exceeded in three monthly periods, which are:

  1. Reduction in speed until the monthly recurrence of their billing day.
  2. Extra capacity purchasable in GBs as per Lite broadband products.
  3. Assisted transfer to an alternative provider.

The actual download amounts that will count toward the fair usage meter, will be those between 8am and 1am. This means people who have large downloads to do can schedule them to occur during the night between 1am and 8am without any fear of exceeding their fair usage quota.


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