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Guildford BT exchange hits temporary capacity problem

The Register has highlighted a capacity issue at the Guildford BT exchange which serves something like 31,000 premises. BT are in the process of installing extra ports at the exchange so more people can be connected to the BT Wholesale ADSL network. The capacity issue is not a permanent issue, and should be resolved in the next week or so.

BT Wholesale has since the original ADSL roll-out in 2000, issued regular capacity updates to the service providers, which inform the hundreds of providers when an exchange is getting close to needing upgrade work. Unfortunately in the case of Guildford, it seems that the level of demand spiked meaning that the normal upgrade processes were not fast enough to avoid running out of capacity. Delays of a day or two are not totally unheard of from other exchanges due to capacity issues, but generally this goes unnoticed.

Predicting demand for an exchange is very difficult, and given the town has NTL cable services one would have expected the ADSL demand to not be exceptional.


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