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Changes in service dates for BT exchanges

Another week, and a few more changes to previously issued RFS dates on BT exchanges. Six exchanges have had their RFS date pushed back, but Mark Moor has had its date brought forward three months. As usual the delays are generally due to cabling or ducting issues.


Old RFS Date

New RFS Date

Guilsfield 24th November 2004 12th January 2005
Knockin 8th December 2004 12th January 2005
Ladybank 24th November 2004 22nd December 2004
Llanstephan 1st December 2004 22nd December 2004
St. Fergus 1st December 2004 14th January 2005
Bainbridge 8th December 2004 28th January 2005
Mark Moor 26th April 2005 12th January 2005

Thanks to Sam, of for keeping an eagle on the dates.


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