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Homecall now doing everything

Homecall has been in the Carrier Pre Selection (CPS) market for a while, and now is one of the first to other an all-in-one package. This package combines the line rental for the phone line, a calls package and a broadband (ADSL) service. More details are on their website here.

A variety of options are available, including line rental and calls from Homecall, allowing you to leave your existing ADSL service untouched. The pricing is as below, and includes VAT.


Price per month

Homecall Everything (includes local and national calls anytime, unlimited 0.5Mbps broadband and line rental) £34.98
Homecall Anytime (includes local and national calls anytime and line rental) £22.49
Homecall Hometime (including local and national off-peak calls and line rental) £14.49
Homecall 5p Everytime (including local and national off-peak calls at just 5p per call and line rental) £9.99

The packages should offer savings of between £186.12 and £6.12 per year, of course it will depend on what sort of telephone calls you make. The other advantage that many may prefer, is the fact that it will be a single bill. It looks like the voice and broadband markets are destined to become ever closer. Lets hope that providers can keep the tariffs simple, so that people are able to find the best deal, in terms of price and one that suits there actual needs also.


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