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Pipex launch Solo 2000 Trial

It is no great surprise that Pipex are one of the first providers to publicly announce their pricing for the BT Wholesale Home 2000 trial. The price is a pleasant surprise though at £39.99 (inc VAT) per month and this is without any bandwidth caps. For people who do not already have an ADSL connection, the service includes free activation and a free USB ADSL modem. Details on the service can be found at .

Pipex has also done some re-jigging with its other products, Solo 1000 Lite will now be £27.99 (inc VAT) per month, and its bandwidth cap will rise from 2GB to 8GB per month. The two entry level products Solo 250 and Solo 150, will now have an activation fee of £58.75, but there is now no cancellation fee for new contracts.


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