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Eclipse turns referrals into prizes!

Eclipse is giving its customers the chance to win prizes from a range of experiences such as: America's Cup yacht racing, Subaru Impreza rally driving, an Orient-Express trip for two, a deluxe theatre break for two, tandem skydiving, a wine tasting break for two, a supercar experience. The prizes are for the people who refer the most new customers during October 2004, details here.

Eclipse is running the competition as it has just had its 10,000th successful referral, and would obviously like more. The Eclipse referral system works on a points system, whereby if you refer 6 people for the Flex Home 500 service you get enough points for one free months connection to your own Flex Home 500.

We should point out that posting referral links on our BBS is against our rules. This is to avoid people unfairly badgering people to join a specific ISP.


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