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BT Retail considering using LLU

Pierre Danon, who is the head of BT Retail has talked to The Sunday Telegraph about potential plans for BT Retail to exploit LLU products.

Mr Danon, suggests that he views LLU as a way of competing effectively with Wanadoo and Bulldog in the LLU market. LLU products are not limited by for example the 2Mbps top speed that BT Wholesale currently market, and things like deploying video servers becomes easier. Though if BT Retail is to enter the LLU arena it needs to convince both the BT Group it is the right thing to do, and get permission from Ofcom. Many BT competitors may view it as unfair if BT itself can exploit LLU.

One possible view, is that Pierre Danon is taking a swipe at the relatively static product range that BT Wholesale have offered since 2000. 2Mbps was the highest line speed at the launch of ADSL, and still is. While masses of effort have been spent on a worthwhile roll-out, little has visibly gone into pushing the upper boundaries of xDSL.


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