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Two steps backward, and three steps forward

A mixture of good and bad news for five exchanges. Three have had their RFS date brought forward, and two have unfortunately been pushed back a month.


Old RFS Date

New RFS Date

Auchtermuchty 29th September 2004 21st October 2004
Etchingham 1st December 2004 21st October 2004
Gosforth 24th April 2005 21st October 2004
Ludgershall 9th February 2005 21st October 2004
Strathmiglo 29th September 2004 21st October 2004

We are currently listing 1495 exchanges with a RFS date, and around fifty to sixty of these are being enabled each week. 3,531 exchanges are currently enabled for ADSL services. It is worth pointing out also that with the high levels of demand for ADSL due to the change in the 1Mbps limit, and removal of the limit on 0.5Mbps that occasionally the odd exchange will hit a capacity problem. If you order and your ISP tells you there is a capacity issue, this is usually cleared in a couple of weeks, i.e. the time for someone to visit the exchange and install some more ADSL line cards into the DSLAM.

Thanks to Sam of for keeping such a close eye on the RFS dates.


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