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Kingston Communications acquires Eclipse

  • Thursday, September 30, 2004 10:13 AM

In a move that should hopefully strengthen both companies involved Eclipse Internet has been acquired by Kingston Communications (HULL) PLC. Kingston Communications is the main Teleco in the Hull area of the UK, and has often led the way forward in the UK telecoms market. The acquisition has been described as a marriage of capabilities. Full press release is downloadable from here as a PDF document.

Customers of Eclipse need not panic. Mark Lang is set to take the position of Head of Broadband and ISP Development, while the company's headquarters will remain based in Exeter.

"The acquisition of Eclipse Internet provides an exciting opportunity for Kingston. The business has an unrivalled reputation in the broadband market place, offering a high quality service to its customers. In joining the Kingston Group, Eclipse Internet significantly enhances both the scale and depth of our existing Internet offering and will accelerate our position in the provision of a range of broadband Internet related services across the UK."

Malcolm Fallen, Chief Executive of Kingston Communications

There has been several acquisitions of ISPs in the last year, which in general reflects a desire for companies to achieve the economies of scale and to align their business with other companies that have common goals. What this acquisition will bring in the future is unclear at this time, but hopefully it will mean a period of growth and innovation.


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