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Virgin will it eventually make a 'Plan 9 From Outer Space'

We have had Plan One from Virgin which is its 0.5Mbps service at £24.99. Today brings the launch of Plan Two, a £17.99 0.5Mbps service which has a 3GB monthly download allowance. Extra allowance costs £2 per GigaByte (GB). While Tiscali dropped its metered packages recently, Virgin appear to be taking a different route, and by providing users the freedom to move between Plan One and Plan Two they ensure that users do not get stuck on the wrong plan.

Activation costs £19.99 for people who do not already have ADSL. If you do have ADSL then it appears that migration to Virgin is free. A £9.99 Broadband starter kit is also available, which includes a Speed Touch 330 USB ADSL modem and 2 micro-filters.

The question will now be how long before Plans 3 & 4 appear which might just be 1Mbps products.


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