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BroadbandZone in micro-filter amnesty

  • Wednesday, September 15, 2004 9:30 PM

BroadbandZone is offering a trade-in value of £1 for each filter sent in when you buy a NTE5 ADSL faceplate splitter. Only working filters, of the following models qualify for the rebate: Fujitsu FDX100-UK, Excelsus Z420UK-A and Z420P2J, ADSL Nation XF-1e.

With the rush of people ordering ADSL who previously were out of reach, or upgrading to 1Mbps many people are re-wiring their telephone extensions. The vast majority of households will have no problems with their internal phone wiring and will be able to happily use micro-filters on the ends of extensions. For some other households applying for 0.5Mbps and 1Mbps it requires a visit from a BT engineer after the line has been enabled that is arranged by the customers service provider to fit a NTE5 faceplace splitter to reduce the effects of internal wiring. Therefore if you are ordering a 0.5Mbps service then there is no need to rush out buy your own faceplate

Not everyone suddenly needs to rush out and fit the new faceplates, though many people do find the faceplate provides a much neater solution than having to dangle micro-filters from the various phone sockets in the house. The faceplates are not a magical answer to decreasing the attenuation on a line, but they can help improve the Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) on the line, which can improve the chances of a service working. Similarly using a good micro-filter and tidying up the tangle of phone extensions in a house can help. Other suppliers of NTE5 faceplates are ADSLNation and Clarity.


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