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BT missing some RFS dates

In what must seem like a kick in the teeth for broadband campaigners, there has been a number of exchanges that have missed their planned RFS date. Some of the exchanges we believe this has happened on are Alford, Drybridge and Winterton.

In most cases the delay is just a week or two, in short the time used to do the final testing and commissioning of the new kit. The reason given for this problem is that we are at the peak for enabling of exchanges at present, a side effect of the 2300 triggers released in November 2003. The logistics of moving the teams around the country to work on each exchange makes the job harder, and was one reason apparently for the planned roll-out, since less time will be wasted traveling.

Hopefully BT Wholesale will get back on track for September, but do they do apologise in advance if your order does need to be shifted. The BT campaign team staff are contacting the campaigners on the affected exchanges to ensure that people are kept informed.


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