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Problems with four exchanges lead to delays

Unfortunately BT Wholesale has very belatedly found out that there are problems on four exchanges, that will result in the going live date been delayed.


Current RFS Date

New RFS Date

Albrighton 21st July 2004 29th September 2004
Blagdon 21st July 2004 To
West Harptree 21st July 2004 be
Wylam 30th July 2004 announced

The delays are down to various problems that only were discovered during the process of enabling the exchanges, i.e. replacement of existing cable ducting. Wylam apparently has problems with the fibre that is in the existing ducting.

With the large number of exchanges been enabled a few problems are to be expected, but that is little consolation to potential ADSL users in these areas. Hopefully BT Wholesale will not have many more problems like this, and if it does happen that more notice will be given.


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