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Eclipse Internet a FLEXible friend

Eclipse Broadband has launched a new product onto the ADSL marketplace FLEX broadband. The service comprises of three products, all with a basic price per month and users are able to upgrade the bandwidth as and when they want to higher speeds for a few pence per hour. The products and pricing is clearer in the table below (all prices include VAT).


Access Plan

Flex Speed


Price of flex per hour

FLEX Home Home 250 Up to 1Mbps £17.99 From 5p
  Home 500 Up to 1Mbps £23.95 From 9p
  Home 1000 - £37.95 -
FLEX Business Business 250 Up to 1Mbps £17.99 From 5p
  Business 500 Up to 1Mbps £23.95 From 11p
  Business 1000 - £37.95 -
FLEX Business Plus Business Plus 500 Up to 2Mbps £37.60 From 19p
  Business Plus 1000 Up to 2Mbps £61.10 From 26p
Business Plus 2000 - £96.35 -

To give some idea of what the cost of using the flexing is like, you would need to run the Flex Home 250 product for 119 hours at its 500kbps step, before you exceeded the Flex Home 500 price. This works out at roughly 4 hours a day of 0.5Mbps. Another example is the Home 500 product, which will flex to 1Mbps for 9p per hour, this means if you run at 1Mbps for 2 hours a day every day of the month, your monthly fee would be around £30. There is also no fee for upgrading or down grading within the product types, and you can book multiple hours flex time, e.g. for a whole weekend. More details will appear on the Eclipse website today.

This flexible bandwidth approach is quite different to the bandwidth limited approaches of other providers. It means that people can run on the baseline 250 and 500kbps packages with no worries, but if they want to download a large game patch/demo or simply browse faster they can switch the speed up a notch or two.

Looking at this product range, it would appear to be aimed at the above average bandwidth user, i.e. someone who knows they use their broadband a lot, but understands the equation between bandwidth and price. Eclipse still offer they usual package which includes free blocks of IP addresses and email virus scanning.


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