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Changes to ADSLGuide's pre-registration tracker

Followers of the Demand Tracker that we run on should have noticed that in the last 48 hours the number of exchanges with an RFS date has jumped from 704 to around 1025. This is due to a make-over in how we spot the RFS dates released by BT Wholesale.

Now if an exchange has had an RFS date released by BT Wholesale and is visible in one of several places on the BT Wholesale demand tracker we should pick this up and display it. This means that exchanges we previously showed no date for, e.g. those with an RFS date more than 150 days away, will now show their RFS date. If an RFS date changes, then we should pick up the change.

The advantages of this new system is that the list of exchanges waiting for an RFS date is a lot more accurate, since those with really long RFS periods will now be listed elsewhere. Also a lot of the exchanges with an RFS issued via a partnership scheme will also have their RFS listed.


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