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W32.NetskyB virus hits users' mailboxes

Viruses are now commonplace in users' mailboxes and more ISPs are filtering viruses before they even reach the user. Users are also getting wiser by buying anti-virus software and not opening executable attachments. Symantec, one of the leading Anti-virus software vendors, has more information on the W32.NetskyB (also known as W32/Moodown.B) virus as well as instructions on how to remove it:

"W32.Netsky.B is a mass-mailing worm that uses its own SMTP engine to send itself to the email addresses it finds when scanning the hard drives and mapped drives. This worm also searches drives C through Z for folder names containing 'Share' or 'Sharing,' and then copies itself to those folders. The Subject, Body, and email attachment vary."

Symantec Advisory

More information can be found on the Symantec website. [seb]


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