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ISPA Awards 2004 - Winners

The annual Internet Services Providers' Association (ISPA) Awards event took place last night during a gala dinner in which awards were handed out to ISPs in various different categories.

Probably the most notable winners in terms of broadband were Bulldog who was presented with the Best Consumer Broadband award. Bulldog has been in the spotlight as one of the few local loop unbundling providers who has pushed the speed barriers for residential users in its area during off peak hours with its PrimeTime product. Easynet, another LLU operator, was handed the Best Business Broadband Award (in addition to the Best National Business ISP award)

Also on the winners' list were Freeserve (Best National Consumer ISP), Fastnet International (Best Small Business ISP), BlueYonder (Best Unmetered Dial-up), Tiscali (Best Metered Dial-up) and Mistral (Best Hosting Provider).

The "Internet Villain" award given to an individual or organisation who has "upset the Internet industry and hampered its development" was awarded to Verisign for "their presumption that they own the internet and for the domain name system hijacking scandal".

Full details of the awards are available here. [seb]


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