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NTL and more capping

TheRegister reports that NTL has been sending letters to heavy users asking them politely to curtail their bandwidth utilisation to 1GB per day, angering the campaigning group AntiCap UK which has issued a statement criticising NTL's guidance on what 1GB a day is equivalent to in practical terms, their lack of offering a monitoring tool, and the existence of the cap itself.

Usage based charging, whether by metering, or different service levels (caps or usage policies) for different packages is going to be around for a long time to come, and increase in its various forms as it will not be economical to provide an "unlimited" service at ridiculously fast speeds to everyone without some limiting factor on utilisation (or contention resulting in slower actual speeds, an enforced cap of sorts). The key problem with the current implementation is the way they are being applied and the levels suggested as appropriate use. [seb]


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