Broadband News to start taking orders again have now started to take orders for its ADSL broadband service again. Initially existing dial-up customers and those who had previously registered will be given priority. In the run up to Christmas 2003, Virgin stopped connecting new customers to its network due to capacity issues, but several measures have now brought this under control, and are allowing the ISP to expand again.

The changes are that a new STM1 connection (155Mbps of capacity) has come online, and a second is due during January 2004. Also the call for users to try and keep their use-age down to around 1GB per day has been successful. In an effort to help avoid the telephone queues like there was in December, an extra 88 call centre staff have being hired as well. are not the first ISP to hit capacity problems when providing broadband, and it is certainly not just a UK specific problem. Given the long lead times that are often given for installing STM1 connections, to get one new connection installed in a relatively short time, and another on the way is fairly impressive. Lets hope capacity can now be managed so that there will be plenty of spare capacity for both new and existing users.


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