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NDO launch a remote back-up service

NDO has launched an online remote back-up service, allowing you to use your dial-up or broadband connection to back up critical data onto a remote server automatically. The service provides 1GB of storage for £9.99/month or £14.99 for 2GB of data (pricing excludes VAT). A two week long free trial period is available so people can assess the service.

The data is compressed and encrypted, the compression increasing the speed of backups which are incremental at the byte level after the initial back-up. The data is stored using 448 bit Blowfish encryption and not even NDO have access to the key, which means users of the service need to keep their key safe. The backups are accessible either from your machine, or via a web interface which allows you to download specific files, this allows you to restore data at any location.

The price means the product is initially likely to appeal to small businesses, but with the increasing use of digital photography the service provides a good way of ensuring family photos are not lost due to a hard disk crash or by damage to standard back-up media.


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