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Friday 3rd October - National Computing Day

Friday 3rd October 2003, was National Computing Day, and not a lot of people probably knew that. Well at least that is what the computer magazine Computer Active was trying to promote today as.

BBC News Online features coverage of a survey that Computer Active did suggesting 42% of UK adults are not confident enough to use a computer at all. Perhaps this is partially down to the image of computing, most people imagine computers from the various Hollywood films which are always big and intimidating, but when one considers the computing power in a TV with Teletext, or Sky Digital Interactive, and the everyday mobile phone then many more people are using computers - and perhaps that is the key to getting Internet access increased and broadband market stimulation in the UK. If SMS texting was as complex to set-up as an email account on a PC then hardly anyone would use it, in other words the technology needs to move a LOT more towards simpler to use interfaces.

Very often the drive in lots of the home computing arena is on the bigger and faster, but really it needs to be in the easy to use and simpler to set-up areas.


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