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ADSLGuide demand tracker undergoes a makeover

The BT exchange demand tracker that we run has undergone a makeover, during the last weekend. Our demand tracker is now split into four sections:

  • Gathering registrations: This details all the exchanges we are tracking that have been assigned a trigger value or not, and what the current level of registrations is.
  • Triggered: All exchanges that have reached their trigger level and are awaiting the release of a service date by BT Wholesale.
  • Service Date Announced: Exchanges where a service date has been announced and ADSL equipment is being installed.
  • Activated: All exchanges that are currently enabled. We have imported the 1,100 exchanges that were enabled prior to the demand tracker scheme, so this list now details where in the UK ADSL is available.

Adding the number of exchanges in each list together will give the total number of BT exchanges we are tracking, which is 5159 out of around 5900 BT exchanges around the UK. The remaining exchanges will be slowly added, if you know of one that is not listed, submit a suitable telephone number for that exchange on the Demand Tracker page.

We hope that the new tracker layout will provide people with a clearer guide as to the current state of the UK ADSL roll-out.


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