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Another whoops for BT Openworld...

BBC News Online features a news story based around the experiences of one of its own staff, a Gary Eason. Unfortunately it turns out to not be a very good advert for BT Openworld or ADSL in general.

It would appear that BT Openworld received a cease request from someone called Easom, and the name got transposed to Eason, and thus the wrong cease order was placed in the BT Wholesale system. This suggests that there are very few if any checks actually done prior to passing the order to BT Wholesale, or it is all too easy to bypass them. If your surname is Smith just hope that no other Smiths want their BT Openworld connection ceased.

We hear nothing about the poor old Easom customer, who may well still be waiting for their cease to go through. Lets hope that BT Openworld will look closely at its procedures and ensure that problems like this do not occur again. Unfortunately we suspect we will see the same happening again in the future.


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