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Tiscali closes its support forums to anonymous users

Tiscali who provide both retail and wholesale broadband Internet access has moved to remove anonymous access to its support forums. To even view posts you now need to register with Tiscali.

Tiscali provided the following statement when asked about this issue:
Tiscali has changed the access to it's Customer Service Forums to ensure we focus on tackling customer questions and issues more effectively. Now, to view the Tiscali Broadband, Customer Feedback and Service forums you will have to complete a simple registration process. You still however do not need to have a Tiscali dial account to read or participate in these forums. Tiscali still operates much more open Customer Service Forums than any of our competitors and we have proactive and lively contributors, but these forums are primarily for our customers and Tiscali values the feedback and input we get from them.

Certainly we have seen that ISPs running support forums is a difficult task, mainly because any moderator actions are viewed as supporting the ISP. Removing the ability to simply view the support forums is perhaps a step too far. If the result is that the Tiscali forums can provide better support to the service users then that is great, but prospective customers now have another hurdle to cross to view current issues on what is perhaps their prospective ISP.


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